Giving birth to Sacred Fire…

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Image: sophieplayle.comI’m about to embark on a self-publishing debut of my short story Sacred Fire.  In 2010 it received an Honorable Mention from Speculative Literature Foundation and Writers of the Future

Finding a suitable publishing home has proven difficult and some of that could be because it doesn’t slot neatly into any particular genre. 

So I find myself looking at the self publishing route as I believe this story deserves to be out in the world.  If I was cashed up, I would turn it into a short film, as it’s visually stunning, stark, raw and hard hitting.  Any keen film makers interested in taking on my project? ++Just putting it out there :)

Image: 123rf.comSacred Fire is set in the Holy City of Varanasi, India (a very special and favourite place of mine) and the protagonist, Delanna is at odds with her beliefs as Western and Eastern cultures clash.  Delanna is faced with a moral dilemma, while on the surface appears cruel and fundamentally wrong, she has to dig deep into her heart which gives her the answer she believes will appease the Eastern culture and give saviour in the West.

Once it’s published I will let you decide if Delanna’s made the right choice :)

  • Who’s had experience in self publishing?
  • Any tips/advice for me?

All comments welcome :)

Michele ☮

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  1. Hi Michelle

    I did a unit in Desktop Publishing, InDesign. It was much easier than I thought; but, having said that, I’m still playing around with getting my own recipe book up as an ebook that can go onto many devices (Which I will give away free from my blog). And so far, it’s hit and miss.

    If you could get someone else to do it, or do a course and do it yourself (I know. Who has the time?) then you could publish it yourself via your blog. But that wouldn’t hit the market you probably want. I’ve read one of your others (the Brisbane one :) and I love it; so I’m sure this one is great too. A friend of mine, did the Amazon route but was not happy with the affair, and will choose a different path next time.

    I have heard (in class) of authors having to choose a genre that a publishing house has deemed appropriate.

    Anyway, it’s all SO exciting for you. And I wish all the success in the world xx

    Talk soon,

    Luv Miche

    • Hey Miche, thanks for your encouragement and insight into this – I will have it available on my blog for download or purchase, but was thinking of taking the Smashwords route… Have you had any experience with this?

      I’m still going to see if I can get it published by the traditional route but am finding it doesn’t slot into a specific genre (which I tend to cross genres all the time) making it more difficult to find the right market. Let’s see what transpires :)


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