Night Myst finds its way back into my heart ♥

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dragonfly at nightMy current novel in progress Night Myst stands at 17,825 words.  I began this novel in July 2012 and I won’t go into all the excuses to why I stopped writing but let’s say life got in the way.

I first documented my progress with a visual storyboard which you can watch here 

I’m pleased to let you know that it’s time for me to return to Night Myst as it’s calling me more than ever to write, write, write and finish!

Chloe and Emma are currently trapped in a haunted house and I need to get them out. 


They need to find that broken window. 

I’ve been saying this to my writing buddies for awhile now.  Chloe and Emma could be beyond recognition by now – petrified state of lunacy – but somehow I will find a way to resurrect them back into the feisty young women they are.  Brave and courageous and determined to fight the mystical realm that threatens their contemporary world and all that they hold dear.Image: Midnight rambler

If you feel like holding me accountable please feel free to check in on my progress and I will give you an  honest update :)

Michele ☮

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